What you will learn...

System Users are created to allow users to log in to Gensolve Practice Manager.

System users must then be granted access privileges so that they have access to the required functional areas in GPM.  

System users also need to be added to a site/Vendor before they can access that site/Vendor in GPM. The user will not be able to login if there is no access privilege, site or Vendor added.

If the system user is going to be associated with a clinician, it is advised that the new system user is set up before the new clinician details are set up due to the necessity for the correct System User name to be added to the clinician details or they will not be able to access medical notes.

For steps on how to change a User's password and how to add an Inactivity Timeout view How to change Password

For steps on how to add MFA to a User's setup view Setting up Multi Factor Authentication for GPM

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a new system user, give that system user access privileges as well as access to sites/Vendors.


A user access role has been created: How to Create a User Access Role

The site has been created: How to Create a New Site

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