Follow the processes below to learn how to setup and use Email and SMS Messaging within GPM:

  1. Set your vendor SMS settings so that text messages, such as appointment reminders can be sent.  See How to Set up SMS Messaging

  2. Create SMS templates to use when sending messages.  See How to Create an SMS Template for Reminders.

  3. Use the SMS templates to send bulk SMS messages.  See How to Run a Template Merge and Send Bulk SMS

  4. Send an individual Client an SMS message. See How to Send a Client an SMS Message

  5. Send an individual Client an Email message. See Sending Emails from GPM

  6. Auto schedule your messages so they generate automatically each day. See How to Auto Schedule SMS Messages.


Ensure that the total number of characters for the resulting SMS is no more than 160.

If it is more than 160 characters, the SMS will be sent in multiple parts and you will be charged for each part.

Be aware that the Vendor or Site Reply Name, defined in the SMS Vendor Settings,  will be at the start of the resulting SMS by default and counts toward the 160 character limit.

See How is an SMS Message created for more information.