Follow the process detailed below to learn how to use MailChimp with GPM.

Prerequisites: A MailChimp account is needed.

                       You have contacted Gensolve Support to activate MailChimp integration within Gensolve.

Setting up the Integration:

1. Go to MailChimp Log In, enter your credentials and click on Log In

2. Then, on the upper right corner click on your user and on the drop-down menu click on Account

3. On the displayed menu, click on Extras and then click on API Keys.

4. Under the subtitle Your API Keys, click on Create A Key.

5. After doing so, a new key will be created and displayed on this section. Click on the Label field to give it a custom name. Finally, click on the API Key field and copy it.

6. Now with the API Key at hand, go to GPM, Administration >> Vendors >> Edit Vendor of your choice >> Other Settings >> At the bottom, on the MailChimp API Key enter the value copied. Then click on Validate Key.

Note: If the process was done properly, when validating the key a pop-up window should show with the following message: Valid MailChimp API Key.


Using GPM to export data to MailChimp

1. Audiences created on MailChimp will be visible on GPM so you can export data to an specific audience. To see your audiences, go to Audiences from MailChimp home.

Note: If previous Audiences exist, then you would have to click on Manage Audience and from the drop-down menu select View audiences. To create more than one Audience you need to have an upgraded MailChimp account.

2. Click on Create Audience.

3. Fill the corresponding fields: Audience name, Default From email address, Default From name, Remind people how they signed up to your audience, and select according to your convenience options under Form Settings and Notifications. Click on Save.

4. Your new Audience will be displayed along with is contacts and now it will be available in GPM.

5. In GPM, go to Reports >> Template Merge >> Add restrictions (mandatory and/or optional) according to the kind of data you want to export. For more information please refer to How to create a template merge.

Then, click on Get Matching Rows >> On the Select the Merge Action to Take drop-down, select the Send each row to MailChimp. After selecting this option, below this field you should be able to see the audience previously created (if you have more than one you can choose which to export the rows to). Finally, click on Run Merge.

6. After running the merge, a window is displayed informing that MailChimp has been updated with the provided records.

Note: Contacts with no email won't be exported. Also, the export might be prevented if duplicate emails are found. When running the merge, the information window displayed  will show invalid and/or fake entries.

7. Back on MailChimp >> Audiences, you should be able to see the increment in contacts to your audience. It will also tell you that they come from the API.





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